Frequently Asked Questions on Window Film – Roman Tint

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Frequently Asked Questions on Window Film – Roman Tint

Frequently Asked Questions on Window Film – Roman Tint

Over the years window film has become a well-known method of upgrading your windows. With this notoriety comes a variety of questions without a lot of answers. We have collected 5 of our most frequently asked questions and hope to answer them for you.

Does my window film come with a warranty?

Every window film we install is 3M brand backed by the 3M guarantee. This warranty is considered one of the best in our industry. If you still have more questions, contact us today for further details.

Will it fit all of my windows?

All of our available window films can be custom-cut to fit whatever shape or size you need for your windows. Each film can be cut to each window to fit perfectly without gaps or visible seams.

Can it be applied on double panes or doors?

We can install window film onto any Low-E coated, even tempered windows. Double panes, sliding doors, and other windows can be upgraded with various choices for our films.

Can you install window film on skylights?

Many homes have a window called a skylight, which is a window installed in your roof that allows you to look directly at the stars and weather from the comfort of your own home. Though it is in a more precarious location, skylights can have window films installed when in the care of a professional team trained for such installments.

Will I be able to remove it myself?

Our team strives to install your window film properly to last for as long as you need. If you ever no longer need the film, you can simply remove it without your windows sustaining any damage.

We hope this provided some clarity for you as you seek answers, and if you are ready to start your window film installation contact us today!